Annual Report: 2012-2013

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Thank you

March 28, 2014, edition
By Bishop Donald Kettler

Although it has been just a few months since I began serving in Minnesota, it hasn’t taken me very long to recognize and appreciate the characteristics of the people of God here that makes the Diocese of St. Cloud such a strong Catholic community.


Photo by Paul Middlestaedt for The Visitor

Your love of the church was evident from my very first day.

Your faithfulness greets me everywhere I go in our diocese.

Your generosity inspires me as I see your commitment to your parishes and schools and to so many vital ministries.

You are a blessing to me. For all you do, for all you are, you have my heart-felt gratitude.

Thank you.

+ Bishop Donald Kettler
Bishop of St. Cloud
March 28, 2014

Miscellaneous Statistics

1,925 Baptisms
1,822 First Communions
1,510 Confirmations
608 Marriages
1,421 Funerals
14,913 Children in Religious Education K thru 12
5,125 Children in Catholic schools Pre-k thru 12


Diocese of St. Cloud Curia Offices
July 1 2012 thru June 30 2013

Support and Revenues

$1,115,153 Earnings from Investments
2,376,613 Parish Assess. & Audits
943,327 Annual Appeal Contributions
961,234 Program Income Income related to programs and events of the Curia offices within the Diocese
97,728 Misc. Contributions

$5,494,055 Total Support & Revenues

Program Expenses

516,816 Catholic Education Ministries Provides ongoing faith-formation opportunities for leaders in Parishes and Catholic Schools
671,240 St. Cloud Visitor Diocese’s bi-weekly Catholic Newspaper
64,886 Office of Worship Provides leadership and direction for the development of liturgical celebrations in the Diocese
161,991 Tribunal Office Judicial branch of the Diocese that reviews, processes and adjudicates petitions for annulments
583,221 Seminarians/Vocations Fund Encourages awareness and provides financial support of vocations to the priesthood
53,203 Permanent Diaconate Invites, forms, and supports deacons and their families as they serve in the diaconate ministry
11,962 Health Care Joint office of the Diocese of St. Cloud and St. Cloud Hospital responding to matters related to Catholic Health Care issues
105,374 Planning Office Proactively anayzes future considerations for the Diocese organization
199,063 Development Office Develops and promotes awarenss of the financial needs of the Diocese and parishes
251,170 Annual Appeal Distributions Distributions to Catholic Schools and Religious Education programs throughout the Diocese
166,434 Communications Provides information about the life of the church including television, video, and radio
411,531 Office of Marriage and Family Develops and coordinates programs that promote marriage enrichment, family life and marriage preparation
81,783 Multicultural Ministries Establishes and expands relationships with our sisters and brothers from differing cultures and faith communities

$3,278,674 Total Program Expenses

198,957 Plant Fund Includes Maintenance, Utilities, & Equipment Rental

Central Offices of the Diocese

151,580 Assessments Includes United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, Minnesota Catholic Conference, Holy See
214,209 Professional Fees Includes Legal, Audit, Computer Processing etc.
761,916 Wages
228,902 Insurance and Benefits
125,005 General Property and Liability Insurance
90,000 Subsidy for Newman Centers
148,000 Misc. donations
314,593 All Other Includes lay pension distributions, road improvement assessments, safe environment training, rural life & social justice

$2,034,205 Total Central Office

$5,511,836 Total Expenses

($17,781) Surplus (Deficit)

Notes to the financial activities of the Diocese of St. Cloud for the year ended June 30, 2013


This is the annual financial report for the St. Cloud Diocese Corporation. The St. Cloud Diocese Corporation is a civil corporation formed in 1900. It was organized pursuant to and operates in compliance with Minnesota State Law. The St. Cloud Diocese Corporation holds and manages temporal assets, including real property, personal property and investments, for the purpose of assisting the bishop in his ecclesiastical obligation to provide for the spiritual care of the community of the faithful living in the Diocese of Saint Cloud. The ecclesiastical Diocese of Saint Cloud was established by the Roman Catholic Church in 1889, and currently includes the 138,000 Catholics living in 16 counties comprising the diocese.

These counties include Stearns, Sherburne, Benton, Morrison, Mille Lacks, Kanabec, Isanti, Pope, Stevens, Traverse, Grant, Douglas, Wilkin, Otter Tail, Todd, and Wadena, with a total area of 12,251 square miles.

Basis of Presentation

The financial statements include all administrative and program offices and departments of the St. Cloud Diocese Curia. The financial statements do not include the assets, liabilities and operations of the parishes or schools, which are separate and independent corporations, nor does it include any other separately incorporated operations such as Assumption and Calvary Cemeteries, Catholic Charities, The Catholic Foundation, Society for the Propagation of The Faith (Mission Office), Deposit & Loan or Gabriel Media, each of which, as a separate and independent corporation, issues its own financial report.

Financial Statements

The financial statements of the St. Cloud Diocese Corporation were audited by independent certified public accountants. The independent accountants rendered an unqualified opinion of the financial statements.

Diocesan Finance Officer Report

The comments above elaborate on the major categories of Revenues and Expenses for the St. Cloud Diocese Curia.

By Joseph Spaniol, Finance Officer