Cathedral students view bishop-elect as ‘cool, youthful and friendly’

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Sept. 27, 2013, edition
By Sue Schulzetenberg-Gully

Cathedral students met a new person in the halls and classrooms of their St. Cloud school Sept. 20.

He was tall, dressed in all black and was accompanied by Mike Mullin, president of the school. Four members of the media carrying cameras and notebooks followed him for the visit.


Kelli Spaniol shows her work on a laptop computer to St. Cloud’s new bishop, Bishop Donald Kettler, who visited Cathedral High School among several stops in the St. Cloud Diocese. Paul Middlestaedt / The Visitor

“He was very friendly,” said Will Torberg, an eighth grader at Cathedral School. “I think he will be very thoughtful of everyone and a good leader.”

“He looked energetic and youthful and professional,” said Peter Bennett, a 10th grader.

Tenth grader Ella Edelbrock called the visitor “pretty cool.” “A lot of people were excited to meet him,” she said.

Matson Courrier, 10th grader, said he reminded him of a caring grandpa.

The visitor was the bishop-elect of the St. Cloud Diocese, Bishop Donald Kettler. Mullin lead Bishop Kettler around the school, showing him the band room, gymnasium, performing arts theater and several classrooms. Bishop Kettler greeted students in the hallway and spoke briefly in the classrooms.

Alumnus of St. John’s University and School of Theology and Seminary in Collegeville and Crosier Seminary Junior College in Onamia, Bishop Kettler told the students his new assignment was a little like coming home.

“I’m happy to be here,” he told the students. “I’ll be around once in awhile.”

He explained that he was bishop of the Diocese of Fairbanks in Alaska and that he likes to visit people. He said he uses Facebook a little bit, talked about his enthusiasm for sports and learned about the school’s laptops and other computers.

“He was very interested in learning about our technology and what we are doing now,” said Allie Sia Su, an eighth grader. “A student actually showed him her laptop.”

After Bishop Kettler left, students spoke about the new bishop in good cheer and said they look forward to his return.

“I thought he was a cool guy,” said Eli Stark-Haws, an 11th grader. “He knows the area because he went to college around here and seems to like the school.”

Senior Meghan Wick agreed.

“He seemed excited to be here,” she said. “He was smiling and had a jolly voice, and he kept the conversation going.”