Diocesan Ministry Day Spotlight: Speaker’s talk to address ‘Where do we go after the Year of Faith?’

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August 16, 2013, edition
By Sue Schulzetenberg-Gully

In light of the Year of Faith, Kathy Glatz, curriculum consultant for Our Sunday Visitor, will provide insights and ideas on how to keep the momentum going in her workshop titled “The Year of Faith: Now What?” She will present the workshop at Diocesan Ministry Day Sept. 30 at St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud. She shared a few key points of her message in an interview with The Visitor.kathyglatz

Q. Can you tell me what you will be speaking about?

A. The Year of Faith is coming to a close. How can we, catechists, pastoral ministers, directors of religious education, parish leaders, et cetera, continue to move parishioners forward in their faith development? In other words, where do we go from here? How do we incorporate new evangelization into our parishes and parishioners, that is, stop doing things that don’t work and try doing new things?

Q. Why is it important to think about the Year of Faith?

A. The Year of Faith brought to the forefront that we should always be doing something to challenge us with our faith. Continuingly immersing ourselves in catechesis, in ministry service, in liturgy, in worship, helps us grow deeper in relationship with Jesus. We were given a challenge to get out of compliancy and look at our faith development as a life-long process.

Q. What is one thing you hope the audience will remember from your workshop?

A. Usually I say if they can get one thing out of what I offer, then I have success. I would like to see that they each would be able to go back to their school, their parish and incorporate one thing that will help adults or students become better able to express their faith and be more confident with sharing it with others. Maybe they go back and start small groups in their parish. Maybe they go to their classrooms and tweak their lesson plans so that at the end of each lesson the students are articulating what they learned that day. And as a teacher or a catechist they can share how their own faith is developing through their daily lives in regards to what they’re teaching. It’s finding ways to help others to articulate their faith and then being open and confident to share that with other people.

 All invited

Diocesan Ministry Day, also known as “The Great Diocesan Get-together,” will include prayer, a keynote, learning sessions on a variety of topics, Mass and exhibits. Everyone in the St. Cloud Diocese and beyond is welcome to attend.

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