Is God inviting you on the beautiful journey of adoption?

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Theresa Lieser
Guest Column

“Do you think you will adopt again?” This is a question my husband and I received numerous times after the adoption of our third child. Our answer will always remain the same: “We are open to it, but it is completely in God’s hands.”

Growing up in large, close families, we loved family life and desired a larger one ourselves. After we married, we chose to be open to both biological and adoptive children — whatever God was calling us to do. Having an older sister who lovingly placed her son for adoption more than 20 years ago, adoption was already a part of our lives. We saw the selfless love and beauty of it and how the love of adoption is like no other.

Our faith grew strong the first several years of our marriage with the trials we were blessed with. Enduring three high-risk pregnancies that threatened the lives of our unborn babies, we sadly lost one through miscarriage. However, placing them in God’s hands, we were abundantly blessed with a healthy biological daughter and over two years later, a healthy biological son.

That same day, God also sent a “blessing in disguise.” After our son’s birth, an emergency hysterectomy was performed on me to save my life. We were devastated by our sudden loss of fertility knowing that our family was not complete. We instantly knew adoption was in our future.

Saying yes


The Lieser family, from left, Sophia, David, Owen, Theresa and Isaiah. Photo by Joanna Mae Photography

While we prayed for guidance from our Lord, we leaned into him, asking him to help us accept this cross. Almost two years had passed when we unexpectedly heard God’s loud command to start the process of domestic adoption. We chose to say yes, unaware that our child was already conceived in someone’s womb. We were excited to see the child that God possibly had in store for us and excited to see what was at the end of this road.

Among many other families, we were waiting to be chosen by birth parents. With that, doubts and fears began to surface. There were fears of not ever being chosen, fears of the birth mother changing her mind and fears of the fact that an average adoption can cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

However, God truly provided. For those believing it is financially impossible, there is help: donations, adoption work benefits, fundraisers, adoption grants, adopting foster children and the current adoption tax credit can help make it possible for families.

At times, the paperwork and process became overwhelming. But we soon learned to leave all of our fears, anxieties and our trust in our Lord’s loving hands. The amazing prayers and support we received from our family and friends also were very helpful and greatly appreciated while we waited for our child.

A year after we started the journey with God, we were chosen by a birth mother, and with great joy we brought home our 3-month-old son! He was welcomed with unconditional love by our family, friends and community. That day our emotions came pouring out as we embraced this child we prayed for while we were being embraced by God’s love. Now, more than three years later, we are hoping and trying to adopt again.

Truly an option

With November being Adoption Awareness Month, let us remember that we are all adopted children of God and that he always loves us unconditionally. Many are called to adopt, but their dreams, fears and uncertainty hold them back. Mothers who are considering placing their child or children for adoption strongly need our love, support and prayer.

Too many unwanted pregnancies result in abortion because people believe it’s the easy way out until they are faced with the pain and reality of the death of their child.

Adoption is an option! While there are thousands of wonderful families in the United States waiting to adopt domestically and internationally, far more children in the world are waiting to be united with and loved by their forever families.

All children need and deserve to know God’s love. Let’s remember to keep the born and unborn in our prayers.

Every adoption story is beautifully unique in its own way and includes different challenges, but the love of adoption outweighs any difficulty one may face. My prayer for those being called is that they may find the courage and love to let God lead them on the incredibly beautiful journey of adoption. “Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me” (Mark 9:37).

Theresa Lieser and her family are members of SS. Peter and Paul Parish in Gilman.