Little miracles brighten mother’s day

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August 2, 2013 edition
By Sue Schulzetenberg-Gully

Riley, my 3-month-old son, giggled when my husband, Mike, turned on the crib mobile.

“Little things make you happy because you’re a little guy,” Mike said cheerfully.

I smiled as I watched them. Little things make me happy too.

Being a mother can be exhausting. Nights often consist of limited hours of sleep disrupted by numerous feedings, diaper changes and efforts to rock the baby back to sleep. Days are a precarious juggling act of taking care of the baby, going work, catching up on housework, desperate attempts to shower and dreams of a short nap.

rileyBut amongst the blur of this new life I haven’t yet mastered, I find bursts and gushes of happiness and peace in the little things, in the little baby, in God’s little miracles happening constantly.

One night, desperately sleep deprived and in an exceptionally bad mood, I was feeling bitter about having to get out of bed when I just fell asleep. “Why do I have to do this again? It seems like I just fed you,” I thought while sleepily feeding my son. Just then, Riley stopped drinking, looked up at me and slowly curved his mouth upward as his eyes brightened.

“Oh, you’re so cute! That’s a beautiful smile,” I said, my bad mood suddenly vanishing.

On a different day, when feeding him, I turned the television on. Riley jumped at the sudden loud noise. “It’s O.K.,” I told him. “The TV is on.” Riley thought this was very funny and laughed for about five minutes. Then I repeated, “The TV is on,” and his giggling spell began again. A little laugh means a lot of joy.

Then there was the day when Riley rolled over for the first time. He was so proud to be on his tummy and to be able to look around. Until, that is, he realized he didn’t like being on his tummy and couldn’t roll back. He kicked his legs but he couldn’t move forward either. But he did have that ecstatic little moment when he accomplished his goal. And each time he rolls over, he continues to be proud, if only for a little while.

The little smiles, giggles and firsts happen every day. Each one is precious. As a mother, I can do my best to create a happy, healthy and loving environment. I can feed him, clean him, entertain him and nurture him. But most of the heartwarming little things and little miracles are beyond my control, and that’s what makes them more special.

Only God can create a perfect baby with 10 small fingers and 10 little toes, sleepy eyes and wavering smile. Only God can give the little baby his or her own soul. Only God can breathe life into the baby and cause his or her body to grow out of outfits faster than mothers can buy new ones.

As Riley sleeps, he looks completely at peace. I smile again as I see the small heart shapes in his ears, his little closed eyelids and his slightly open mouth. His chest rises up and down slowly to the rhythm of his breathing.

Yes, I like little things. No, I mean, I love little things!