Maryknoll Father Ohmann celebrates 60th jubilee

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The Visitor

Maryknoll Father Daniel Ohmann, originally from Greenwald, will celebrate his 60th anniversary of ordination as a Maryknoll priest with a Mass of thanksgiving July 10 at St. Andrew Parish in Greenwald.


Fr. Daniel Ohmann

After ordination on June 11, 1955, Father Ohmann served as director of Maryknoll’s Minneapolis Development House (1958-1964). In 1964, he was assigned to Tanzania, where he served as pastor of the Ndoleleji Catholic Church, a parish of 27 villages. He trained church leaders for these villages and was active in developing hospitals, clinics and agricultural projects. A highlight of Father
Ohmann’s years at the village of Ndoleleji was when two brothers, Jackie and Ruby, along with a cousin, Paul Wenner, from Cold Spring erected windmills for the village drinking-water supply.

When asked what he would consider the high point of his mission career, Father Ohmann answered: “No question that it was the three years in the Rukole Refugee Camp with Rwandese and Burundian refugees. There, I met firsthand how good people can be, and how cruel people can be to one another, and experienced difficulties of people which only faith and sacraments can help. If all could experience some of the joys and peace our priesthood gave to me and the refugees, our seminaries and convents would be filled.”

Although Father Ohmann retired in 1996, he remains in Africa working with the Watatulu tribe in the Diocese of Shinyanga, Tanzania.