NFP week celebrated nationally July 21 through 27

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July 19, 2013 edition

“Pro-woman, Pro-man, Pro-child” is the theme of National Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, observed July 21-27. The week will be commemorated in the St. Cloud Diocese in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of “Humanae Vitae,” the encyclical written by Pope Paul VI and released in 1968. The annual Humanae Vitae Mass and award reception is Thursday, July 25, at St. Mary’s Cathedral Crypt in St. Cloud. Mass begins at 7 p.m. followed by a reception, with the presentation of the 2013 Humanae Vitae Award to Father Rich Walz.

There are 15 Billings Ovulation Method instructors in the St. Cloud Diocese in 10 central Minnesota locations according to Sheila Reineke, Natural Family Planning coordinator for the diocesan Office of Marriage and Family. The Visitor invited three of them to share why they teach NFP to others.


Cathy Bahmer

“Responding to a request, I began teaching NFP in 1980. The longer I teach and the more I learn, the more I am in awe of the wisdom of the church’s teaching on the beautiful gift of sexuality that spouses bring to each other and how sharing that love blossoms into the gift of a child. I feel so strongly that this message is crucial in our society today and I am honored to be able to assist couples in learning so they can live and love in accordance with God’s plan.”
Cathy Bahmer, NFP instructor for 33 years


Hollie Kulzer

“There are countless reasons why I teach NFP as we raise our five children. NFP is an amazing, healthy way of life. I enjoy helping others by sharing my knowledge and experience.  We have used NFP to achieve and postpone pregnancies, while breastfeeding, through miscarriages, and to learn and appreciate God’s plan. NFP helps you to understand and respect your combined fertility and realize what a precious gift it is. God’s path is not always easy but it’s fulfilling and brings peace and joy.  Teaching NFP has been a blessing to us as our faith is strengthened as well.”
Hollie Kulzer, NFP instructor for 12 years


Jillian Gohmann

“I first started teaching NFP because it was something that lined up with the Catholic Church teaching on family. However, as I started the courses to become an instructor, I found it was not only accepted in the church; it was something that explained women’s health to the full. Ironically, as I was learning about other people and their circumstances, I was also learning about myself and how to be a healthier person. Each time I instruct, I learn more about God’s design and purpose for the human body.”
Jillian Gohmann, NFP instructor for 1 year