Photo Editorial

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March 14, 2014, edition
by Bob Zyskowski

This is an editor’s confession.

As I scrolled through the web-based photo file of Catholic News Service looking for pictures from the recent consistory during which Pope Francis installed new cardinals, the image above jumped out at me as so touchingly human.

What a great shot, I thought.

My second thought, however, was that we probably shouldn’t use it; some might take it as another example of priests and kids, and, well, you know.

How sad to think that way.

So I’ve reconsidered, and here is the photo.


CNS photo by Paul Haring

Paul Haring wonderfully captured Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec hugging Nikola Dankic, 5, during a reception for the new cardinals at the Vatican Feb. 22. The Dankic family from Bosnia-Herzegovina are friends with the cardinal.