Reverend Mother Marie Immaculata Schintgen

The Franciscan Poor Clare Nuns of St. Clare’s Monastery in Sauk Rapids elected   for their community Oct. 2.

Reverend Mother Marie Immaculata Schintgen is the new abbess and Mother Mary Matthew Tomsyck is the new vicaress. They “exchanged” positions, having served as the vicaress and abbess, respectively, for the previous six years.


Mother Mary Matthew Tomsyck

“Our chaplain, Father Peter Kirchner, commented that Mother Mary Matthew is leaving ‘hard shoes to fill,’ ” Mother Marie Immaculata said. “We have worked well together these last six years, and that will continue. I envision a smooth transition. We ask the support of everyone’s prayers; you are all in ours.”

In addition, Sister Mary Barbara Muehleck will serve as second counselor, Sister Marie Elizabeth Pistulka as third counselor and Sister Mary Christiana Coleman as fourth counselor.