Refurbished chalices gifted to newly ordained

Categories: Around the Diocese

By Kristi Anderson
The Visitor

Last year, two newly ordained priests, Father Aaron Nett and Father Jeremy Theis, received refurbished chalices from the Fraternity of Priests, a local group whose members share ideas and support one another.

Father Jerry Mischke, who is part of the group, said that sometimes when a priest dies, the family wants to pass his chalice on to continue its sacramental use.


Father Aaron Nett’s chalice, left, was given to him by Father Jerry Mischke last year when he was ordained. The center chalice belonged to Father Elmer Torborg and was given to Father Jeremy Theis at his ordination last year. Father Alvin Quade’s chalice, right, will be given to Deacon Gabriel Walz when he is ordained June 20. Photo by Dianne Towalski / The Visitor

Father Theis, parochial vicar of St. Paul and Our Lady of the Angels parishes in Sauk Centre and St. Alexius Parish in West Union, received the chalice of Father Elmer Torborg, who died in 2012.

The chalice of gleaming gold has four jewels in its center, believed to have been from Father Torborg’s mother.

“My understanding is that Father Torborg was the last priest from Richmond to have been ordained to the priesthood until last summer when I was ordained,” Father Theis said. “Celebrating Mass with his chalice is a reminder for me to continue to pray for him but also to continue to pray that it is not another 57 years until Richmond has another man ordained to the priesthood.”

Father Aaron Nett, parochial vicar of St. Mary’s Cathedral, St. Augustine Parish and Christ Church Newman Center in St. Cloud, received Father Mischke’s chalice, which he decided to pass along on the occasion of his 50th anniversary of the priesthood.

Father Mischke designed his own chalice to be shorter than most, with a narrower base and a smaller, sturdy cup. A beaded ring circles the stem.

“I was very honored to have received the chalice from Father Jerry,” Father Nett said. “It is a very precious vessel that has been used for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass many times through the years. It’s a great gesture of brotherhood in the priesthood and hopefully I can do the same someday.”

Transitional Deacon Gabriel Walz, who will be ordained to the priesthood June 20, will receive the chalice of the late Father Alvin Quade. The chalice was a gift to Father Quade on his ordination day 60 years ago. He died last year.

“With its hammered sterling silver exterior and gold plated interior, the chalice has been splendidly refurbished and will be a cherished gift. Father Alvin’s family is delighted that such a precious item will continue to be used at Mass for many years to come,” Father Mischke said.

“It is a privilege to receive a chalice that has been used faithfully by another priest for many years,” Deacon Walz said. “Rather than being put into storage, it will continue to be used for the purpose for which it was made. And whenever I use it, I will be able to remember Father Al in prayer.”