Special week, special events

Categories: Around the Diocese

Jan. 31, 2014, edition
Photos by Paul Middlestaedt

Schools across the St. Cloud Diocese observed Catholic Schools Week Jan. 26-Feb. 1 with fun activities, open house events and other opportunities to demonstrate students’ prowess. One of the activities at All Saints Academy in St. Joseph was a science fair.


During the science fair at All Saints Academy in St. Joseph, fourth grader Brennan Thielen talks about his experiment in which he compared how different hockey sticks affect his shot.


Fourth grade student Emma Kremer reports the results of her experiment. She tested which type of wood burns the longest.


Fifth grader Jack Skahen has fun giving his presentation to his older brother Tom who was visiting the science fair.


Fourth grader Alaina Botz presents the results of her experiment to a judge.


Students created easy to read, clean and colorful displays to convey their science project results.