How would you tell the story of Jesus using an iPad?

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Amazing ideas from Catholic school pupils

The Catholic Foundation sponsored a contest for students in Catholic elementary schools. They answered the question: “How would you tell the story of Jesus using an iPad?” in 100 words or less, in order to win an iPad for their school. Alice Coudron, consultant for planned giving and major gifts for The Catholic Foundation, said donors provided 37 iPads that were awarded to the winning schools. One entry which was created on an iPad will be posted on their website at

1ipadThe following are a sample of the entries received.

Cortney Brambrink
Second Grade, St. John’s Area School, Foley
I would make a game out of it. Each level of the game would be a story about Jesus’s life. The first level would be when Jesus was born. To pass each level you would have to know the stories. When you pass the last level you get to see Jesus. The iPad will turn into a mirror, showing a picture of yourself. It’ll say “Jesus loves and lives in us.”

Johnathon Bock
Second Grade, St. Agnes School, Osakis
I would tell the story of Jesus on an app called Kids Doodle that records my drawings so that others could play them back later. I would draw the stable and write about it. Next I would draw Jesus dying on the cross and write about it. Then I would draw Jesus in the tomb and write about it. Last, I would draw Jesus’ resurrection and write about it. Then I would put it on Facebook.

Thomas Buck
Second Grade, St. Andrew School, Elk River
You could FaceTime with people from around the world, asking them to tell you one thing they know about Jesus. Then, you could put all of the FaceTime video clips into one video collage and post it to YouTube. My mom said I might need two iPads to do this job!

Ria Nelson
Second Grade, St. Mary School, Melrose
I would use the five parts of the Toontastic app to teach people about Jesus. The first part, the setup, I would tell about Jesus’ birth in the stable. The second part I would tell the miracle Jesus did with the wine and water. The third part, the conflict, I would tell about Jesus’ death. The fourth part, the climax, I would tell about Jesus’ resurrection. The final part, the resolution, talks about how we will go to heaven to be with Jesus someday.

Emily Barten
Second Grade, St. Mary School, Alexandria
I would write a play about Jesus. We could write a script and include our class, with costumes and different backgrounds. We could have Jesus’ birth, Jesus with children and when Jesus died for us. We could record it on the iPad and share it with friend and family and other people online.

Mallory Schmitz
Second Grade, SS. Peter and Paul School, Richmond
If I saw someone who had never heard about God, I would download stories on an iPad about God. I would also use the iPad to read the Bible stories for them. I could even do a slide show for them. I would choose stories like when God calls Samuel and Samuel anoints David.

Ashalee Stueve
Second Grade, All Saints Academy, Waite Park
I can tell the story of Jesus using the Notebook app. I would write about when Jesus heals the man that can’t walk. I could also go to YouTube and watch Jesus videos and songs. I like the songs on K4J (Kids for Jesus). Another idea is to go on the Story Creator app and write about Jesus being born in Bethlehem. I would also go on Doodle Buddy app and draw pictures of Jesus with the children.

Derek Anderson
Third Grade, St. Mary of Mt. Carmel School, Long Prairie
I would make a Minecraft world of ancient Jerusalem. It would have a temple where he could teach and pray, a boat for the apostles who were fishermen and the cross where he was crucified. There would be a desert where Jesus could go to fast and pray to God. There would be a lake so he could have some water to walk on.

Patrick Feist
Third Grade, St. Mary School, Morris
I would have the whole Bible on the iPad with links to quickly get to stories about Jesus’ life — and a link to watch a video of the story in case you can’t read. There would be games to play to help learn about his holy life. There would be a pop-up to ask a question to the pope or bishop or priest.

Jack Johnson
Fourth Grade, St. Mary School, Breckenridge
I would make an app similar to Subway Surfers and I would call it “Run, Jesus! Run!” Signs on the side would show the story of Jesus. They would say things like, “Welcome to Bethlehem” and “Test Your Powers – Multiply Fishes and Loaves Here.” I would also have questions, and if you get the answers right you get to move forward.

Devin Orbeck
Third Grade, St. John-St. Andrew School,Meire Grove/Greenwald
I would put the story of Jesus’ life on the Instagram app, sending photos or words. You can send photos of Jesus and the disciples or put the story of his birth. I would prefer looking in a Bible, putting it on Instagram and sending it to others. They can write comments and send it to others.

Bria Lawinger
Sixth Grade, Holy Family School, Sauk Centre
With the app GarageBand, you could write a song about how Jesus was born and tell about trying to find an inn and the three wise men with their gifts. Then you add instruments — such as the piano, drums and violin. Then you record yourself singing the song that you wrote.

Andrea Thyen
Sixth Grade, St. Katharine Drexel School, St. Cloud
I would take pictures of people in my community who are serving people and then I would use Snapchat to send the pictures to others. Attached to the picture I would describe how this person resembles Jesus. For example, I would take a picture of a person volunteering at the food shelf, people ringing the bell for the Salvation Army or a volunteering at Place of Hope.

Noah Scherping
Sixth Grade, Holy Family School, Albany
My simulation would be Jesus SIM, a game with a Jesus character. People could re-enact any part of the story of Jesus on several levels. On each level, there are special tasks to complete and items to collect. At the end you have to carry a cross to Calvary and get nailed to the cross. Once you have completed that task, you can dress your Jesus with any clothes from his era. Upon completion, you can teleport to heaven or any other place.

Lily Lorenson
Fifth Grade, St. Henry’s Area School, Perham
I’d go into Keynote to choose my template. Since I’ve memorized all of my rosary mysteries, I would do one mystery at every bullet point, ending with 20 bullet points. I’d split them into joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious. And I would add pictures to every page.

Rose Han
Fifth Grade, Sacred Heart Area School, Staples
I would create a slideshow on Microsoft Word and download soft Christian music to start with pictures of baby Jesus. At the end of the song it would announce, “Christ was born.” Next it would show him as a teen, and say, “Christ is growing up.” A new song would play and the pictures would show Jesus performing miracles and meeting the disciples and it would say, “He meets the disciples and grows deeper in faith.” The last scene show would Jesus dying and rising up.

Audrey Berg
Sixth Grade, Christ the King School,Browerville
I would use many apps to tell about Jesus in several ways, like the Bible app to read the Bible to people. I could make videos of how Jesus died, and search on Google for pictures of Jesus. I would also interview people with the iPad and ask them about their relationship with Jesus. I would tell people what Christmas and Easter are really about through emails.

Laura Funk
Sixth Grade, Sacred Heart School, Freeport
I would make a slideshow about the main events in Jesus’ life, including miracles he performed, how he grew up, how he continues to love us no matter what we do, with links to Catholic websites. You could download Bible apps. I would also include phrases and important rules like the Golden Rule. Then I’d post it on YouTube.

Elizabeth Hamak
Sixth Grade, St. Francis Xavier School,Sartell
The Toontastic app would be perfect for Jesus’ story. It has many conflicts and challenges, such as Mary becoming pregnant before her marriage, and a challenge in the story was Joseph hesitating to marry her. I would use Toontastic to create a story with a setup, conflict, challenge, climax and resolution, and complete it with animated pictures and a voice as the narrator.