World Mission Sunday: What is the BEST WAY to go about DOING GOOD ON EARTH?

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Oct. 11, 2013, edition

“The best way to go about doing good on earth is just to try to put in practice what our Lord and master Jesus Christ teaches us in the Gospels.

As his disciples we should imitate him and, above all, continue to build a very strong relationship with God and with one another. From time to time we should reflect and meditate on our Lord’s teachings based on the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46. With this in mind we shall be in a way trying to sort out the whole problem of social justice in the world today. We should try to lead a very simple and humble life as in Philippians 2:1-11.”
— Father John Philip Odero 


Father John Schwieters

“See Christ in the other. Start to see the other person without any bias of culture or education. See the other person as a person with the same rights and equalities as yourself. Love your neighbor as yourself.”
— Franciscan Father John Schwieters, missioner to Brazil, native of Freeport 

“The best way that we can be Christian and do good on this earth is to give the world the good news of the presence of Christ among us, and the hope in the word of God. If we all could know God as we know ourselves, as a loving and merciful God, many of our sufferings would disappear.

“To do good on earth is also to share the faith with those who do not know it, to try to be brothers and sisters in Christ and not strangers. We are all pilgrims, immigrants and are only passing through this world. . . . We live on the earth now, but it will be the house of future generations.

“To do good is also to promote justice, the freedom to work, to study, to grow in peace and communion. . . . We hope that the one and triune God might be for all the motive to do good. When we leave this world, we will be asked about our love, personal work and the good that we did or did not do for others.”
— Father Oswaldo Roche

“The best way to go about doing good on earth is to affirm, recognize and see my brother in every male human face, my sister in every human female face and in every face the image of God. Once, in love, I embrace every human person as my brother/sister, then, I am more able to be charitable. Love is what love does. We see that in Jesus. He spent most of the time going around doing good. He loved the unlovable, touched the untouched and was in the company of those considered outcasts.

“As expressed in the parable of the prodigal son, Luke 15: 11-32, regardless in what state one is, God sees a son/daughter. God in Jesus reminds each one of us to see in each other my brother, my sister. If my brother/sister is hungry, I feed him/her; sick, I provide medical care; illiterate, I provide education; rejected, I provide acceptance; lonely, I provide company. This is the best way to go about doing good on earth. The Lord is only asking us to act justly, to love tenderly and walk humbly with him as in Micah 6:8.”
— Benedictine Father Gabriel Ssenkindo

“Your question of the ‘best way to do good on earth’ is a very important one for missioners and people who are working in a different culture. It’s best explained by a riddle. ‘I stooped to pick up a rock to throw at a hawk, but I chased a little bird out of the bush. The hawk caught it and ate it.’

“During my 50 years here, I have seen so many projects by foreigners, good people, good intentions, trying to ‘do good on earth,’ but instead of helping the people they ‘chased the little bird out of the bush’ with nothing left to show for it, or even worse, having ‘the hawk catch it and eat it.’

“As Christians we have to do good on earth. We have no choice. It’s what we will be judged by. I see no better way than what Christ did in the Gospels: caring, seeing each person as he or she was, one at a time, and especially forgiving. 

“Each Christian has a special gift, talent, for the good of the church, the kingdom or rule of God on this earth. That means whether a priest, sister, parent, farmer, business person, writer, teacher, doctor, nurse or politician, one must find a chance to do good and make this a better world. This changes our whole attitude and gives joy to what we do.”
— Father Daniel Ohmann