World Mission Sunday: Doing good on earth

Categories: Around the Diocese

Oct. 11, 2013, edition

Divine Word Father Fred Timp thinks the theme for this year’s World Mission Sunday celebration — “Do good on earth” — is excellent.

“It is certainly what missionaries around the world are trying to do,” said the missioner to Ghana, Africa, who is originally from Freeport.

“Proclaiming the word of God to others is the highest good we can do. By proclaiming the word of God I am not speaking primarily of vocal activity but of the example of Jesus who went about healing the sick, the blind, the lame, feeding the hungry, even raising the dead, as signs of God’s love for us and of what we can expect in the fullness of the kingdom of God.”

Around the world, missioners are “doing good on earth.” Many of them have ties to the Diocese of St. Cloud. Their work varies from administering sacraments to catechesis to office work. Several of them shared stories of their recent activities with The Visitor.

— By Sue Schulzetenberg-Gully